Patient Participation Group

About Us

Beccles Patient Participation Group was formed in June 2002 to forge a partnership between the practice and the patients.

In its simplest form it was hoped that a Patient Group could be used to inform patients of initiatives being undertaken by the practice and that the patients representatives could tell the practice what kind of services they felt would be useful. The Group could be used as a kind of ‘sounding board’ for ideas.

A small group of patients came together as a Steering Group to work with the practice with the aim of formulating a constructive, acceptable policy for the practice, in which such a partnership could work.

The first Annual General Meeting was in May 2003 where the Patient Group was formalised and a Constitution established.

The Group now has an established committee that regularly meets once every two months with members of the Practice Management Team. In addition to this, two members of the Group also meet with representatives from Patient Participation Group of other GP Practices within Waveney.

To date the Group has actively organised and assisted the practices in delivering information evenings, establishing community links and conducting patient surveys.

General Practice is faced constantly with changing directives government legislation and new directives. The Patient Participation Group hopes to remain a positive influence in assisting the practice to develop and deliver, quality and appropriate patient services.

In brief

Our groups exists:

  • To provide information to patients registered at the surgery about services offered by the practice e.g. explanations of practice policies that affect patient care
  • To provide feedback from the patients to the practice on various aspects, including medical services offered, premises and staff.

Our group will not:

  • Become involved with the health issues of individual patients and there is no question of breaching patient confidentiality.
  • Become involved with individual patient complaints.
  • Have any financial input affecting the practice or involvement in fundraising events.


We are keen to promote our Patient Participation Group and value input and ideas from new faces. If you feel that you would like to be involved, please register using our online form.

Alternatively, you may contact [email protected]

With your agreement, your name and telephone number will be passed to the Chairperson of the Patient Participation Group who will contact you to give further information and if you are interested in joining, the Group will make arrangements for you to attend the next meeting.