Non-NHS Work

Charges are made for non NHS services such as private certificates, insurance claim reports, etc. All fees are payable in advance.

The Practice is currently unable to undertake private medical examinations.

Non-urgent advice: Please Note

Our Doctors do not complete Lasting Power of Attorney OR Passport forms.

Payment by Debit/credit card is preferable but we can also accept cash payment.

Private Fees

For patients who require a private certificate, insurance claim report or certificate, or other non-NHS service, a charge will be made in accordance with the schedule set out below. If the certificate or report you require is not listed please ask reception whether any charge will be made.

Please note that it is at the clinician’s discretion whether they are able to facilitate your request.


  • Passport form / photograph – The Partners at Beccles Medical Centre agreed on 23.08.2013 that the practice would no longer offer this service in line with guidelines on the website
  • Fitness to travel certificate – £30.00
  • Holiday cancellation certificate – £30.00
  • Firearms Licence Application / Certificate renewal – £60.00


  • To whom it may concern letter – Min £30.00
  • Adoption/Fostering SCC report – £26.68
  • Adoption/Fostering Private report – £60.00
  • Child-Minder reports – Min £30.00
  • Ofsted Childminding – £80.00
  • Employers’ Report and opinion (no examination)- Invoice to employer – £100.00
  • Housing Letter/Report – Min £30.00
  • Insurance Forms – Min £30.00
  • Letter of Existence – £30.00
  • Medication Letter – £30.00
  • Police Application – £30.00
  • School Letter – Min £30.00

Medical Examinations

The Practice is currently unable to undertake private medical examinations.

Optima Health (Gorleston) offer a full range of private medical examinations and reports, e.g. for HGV licence/PSV licence, and can be contacted on 01603 274460

DVLA Fitness to Drive medicals can be arranged through your GP practice on receipt of the relevant paperwork.

Travel Vaccinations and Malaria Tablets

We offer travel advice and vaccination for patients registered at this practice and most holiday vaccinations are provided free of charge. However, a charge is made for certain vaccinations that the NHS does not cover. Patients can contact NaTHNaC for vaccinations that are not provided by the NHS.

If you are travelling abroad, please make sure you contact us in plenty of time to arrange any vaccinations that may be necessary. To help the Travel Nurses assess your travel needs please allow at least 12 weeks before departure.

Beccles Medical Centre is not a Yellow Fever centre

Patients requesting Malaria tablets will need to seek advice from a pharmacy. Malaria tablets can be purchased at certain local pharmacies.

Certificates to be completed free of charge

Information obtained from BMA [last updated 12th August 2021].


Any individual who is able to give information about a bankrupt may be required to give evidence, for which no charge can be levied. The Court may also require such individuals to produce any documents in their possession or under their control relating to the bankrupt [S366, Insolvency Act, 1986].

Coroners’ post-mortem

Although rarely used, the coroner has power under section 19 of the Coroners Act, 1988 to direct that a post-mortem shall be conducted by the deceased’s general practitioner.

Council tax exemptions

To support a claim or on behalf of a severely mentally impaired person for exemption from liability to pay the Council Tax or eligibility for a discount in respect of the amount of Council Tax payable.

Death Certificates

Including death within 28 days of birth: the registered medical practitioner in attendance during the deceased’s last illness must by law provide a certificate of cause of death (S22, Births and Deaths Registration Act, 1953).

Stillbirth certificates

At the request of the ‘qualified informant’ i.e. next of kin, or the person eligible to report the stillbirth to the registrar, a registered medical practitioner present at the birth must give a certificate saying that the child was not born alive and giving, to the best of their knowledge and belief, the cause of death and estimated duration of pregnancy [S11, Births and Deaths Registration Act, 1953].

Notification of infectious diseases

There is no fee for issuing certificates about infectious diseases.

Paternity tests

Services which doctors are not obliged to provide, but when they do, the fee payable is governed by statute: for example, fees for taking samples of blood required in cases of disputed paternity under the Blood Tests [Evidence of Paternity] Regulations.

Professional evidence in court

Under the Supreme Court Act, 1981, any registered medical practitioner may be directed to give professional evidence.

To establish unfitness for jury service

Juries Act 1974.

Statutory certificates for the Department of Work and Pensions