Test Results

Beccles Medical Centre offers a phlebotomy service which is held in Caxton Villa. To book an appointment for your requested blood test please the following link here

Please Note:

  • Results take one week (minimum) to return.

Some of your results may come back sooner than this however to ensure you receive all of your results please give at least a week before contacting us.

  • We will not generally contact you if your results is satisfactory.

If your result is satisfactory but your symptoms persist, you will need to complete a PATCHS form for a follow-up with one of our clinicians.

  • We recommend online access so you can check your test results for yourself.

Our clinicians will comment and leave a note on the results which you will be able to view.
Blood test results with an exclamation mark next to them that appear “out of range” does not necessarily mean that they are abnormal, be led by the clinician comment e.g. “satisfactory”.

  • The practice will contact you about out of range results that do need action:

This will often be by text where the test needs to be repeated
This may be by email where more information about the results can be sent to you
We will occasionally call you by phone where we do not have a mobile number or email