Practice Management and Administration

We have undergone a re-structure at Beccles Medical Centre looking at wider ways in which we can help to support our staff and patients resulting in us no longer having a Practice Manager. Please have a read through of the below to find the best person to assist you with your query.

  • Mrs Caroline Bentley Service Development and Engagement Manager Caroline Bentley was previously the Practice Manager, a role we have now streamlined in order to respond to the demands of an ever-growing practice. Because of the speed of constant ideas that flow into the NHS and GP services that are required to future proof the practice, we have created a role that Caroline is incredibly excited about. It is her job to look at the ideas to ensure that Beccles Medical Centre remains creative and innovative and responds to governmental changes. Along with the Executive Partner she is developing our service and it is her role to engage with the local community and PPG.
  • Mrs Elaine Wicks – Quality Improvement ManagerElaine was previously our Reception Manager. However this role had expanded to the point that BMC needed to rethink how we manage the workload. Therefore the organisation appointed two Care Coordination Managers and a QI Manager. It is Elaine’s role to ensure that the QI team respond to the needs of the business in terms of how we ensure quality is maintained across all of our care services and she directly manages the Data Management team who scan, identify, research, advise and data entry pretty much any documentation that refers to the health care that you receive at BMC.
  • Ms Jo Calderon – Transformation Project Lead and HR
    Jo joined us two years ago to help with our transformation project on a short term basis and has stayed with us ever since. She is responsible for supporting the partners and all personnel with HR advice, including daily policies and procedures, welfare checks, etc. Jo also supports staff in line management and works closely with the communications team.
  • Ms Samantha McAnally – Care Coordination Manager
  • Miss Maddison Bee – Care Coordination Manager
    Care Coordination Manager – This was a role that was split into two to ensure that the practice was covered from dawn till dusk. Sam and Maddie are available during the day at the practice and they are responsible for the day to day running of the care coordination department. This includes the influx of calls, managing the hub team and dealing with urgent care issues, listening to feedback from patients, working with the team to respond to the demand of the local community needs and anything else that comes through their door.
  • Mrs Susie Smith – Projects and Operations Manager
    Due to the ever-growing changes at BMC it was deemed necessary to have someone at the helm to steer us through the mire of legal requirements, refurbishments, project developers and hard hats! Susie provides us with guidance surrounding both larger and smaller projects within the practice and also line management support where necessary.
  • Denise: PA to Senior Management
    Denise is the Personal Assistant to the senior management team and board. She is responsible for managing the managers to ensure that they get where they are supposed to, with the correct documentation and snacks. She is invaluable to the day to day running of the management team and coordinates a multitude of jobs at the same time. She is quite literally the glue that holds us altogether and will ensure that any query that comes through gets to the right manager.
  • Alison: Finance and Contracts Administrator
    Ali was previously our Practice Administrator and since the organisational change we have dissected her previous role to other areas. Ali is now responsible for dealing with all of our contracts both externally and internally, budget forecasting for the practice and handles all of our day to day issues surrounding finances for the practice.
  • Deborah: Quality Prescribing Officer
    Deborah works closely with the Pharmacy team and manages the workload of the prescriptions department, responding to the practices 20,000 plus patients and those daily demands. Along with the pharmacy team she will look at ways of managing the demand more effectively, respond to training needs within the care coordination department and respond to directions from external professional bodies.
  • Heather: Care Quality Officer
    Heather is the lady behind the scenes that ensures that BMC ticks the boxes in terms of CQC requirements; streamlines many of our administrative processes and chases up the necessary documentation that is essential for running a busy, bustling practice.
  • Samantha: IT and Communications Officer
    Sam is our resident IT expert and is often seen flying through the practice trying to either resolve an issue surrounding IT or responding to a request. She also responds to both our internal and external communications and manages our Social Media output, working closely with HR and the Service Development & Engagement Manager when looking at new ideas for communications and campaigns.
  • Rebecca: Supplies and Facilities Officer
    Becky is our resident tool belt wearing, risk assessing, furniture moving superhero! BMC is a 75 plus staff team and Becky has to consider the health & safety of everyone that comes through the door, plus the patients. She is often seen moving a desk, chasing up external contract workers, considering a risk assessment or ensuring that we have the supplies that we need to do our job.
  • Alison: Education, Training and Apprentice Coordinator
    As a teaching GP practice, Ali organises all of the students who come through our door and is always looking for patients in the local community with a long term health condition so that we can support the teaching of our future GP’s. She also ensures that staff are up to date with mandatory training requirements, considers new apprenticeship appointments and responds to managers requests when training needs are identified.

Reception Team

We have over 30 reception and administrative staff. Please ask reception if you need any help and our staff will be happy to assist.